Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy week done, super-busy week ahead. I'm exhausted. )':

Misc. sketches of the week: Kyte being right cool la, random demon (?) girl that came out of nowhere for no apparent reason.

Anatomy sketches of the week. Done from this marvelous website I was linked a while ago. :)

Storyline info dump: here are the three main "cultures" and how their clothing differs.

On the left, Xemetians, of the ancient society of Xemet that doesn't exist anymore, save for its handful of descendants. They wore lively colors and patterns, very light clothing due to living in warmer climates. 

In the middle we have Thestrians, immigrants of the country of Thes. Their outfits are made of rich fabrics, often include coats and collars, and also tend to include patterns (though where Xemetians had more colorful and lively designs, Thestrians have patterns that tend to be classy/regal). 

And finally on the right are the Verrasians, who conquered from the country of Verrasia. They occupy a bigger portion of the islands the storyline takes place in (haven't really named it yet lololol) than any of the others, so their clothing varies a lot from the different climates. Stuff made from leather, hides or furs are popular, and they use a lot of laces. Their fabric is generally of lesser quality (compared to Thestrians), but that's also because there's a lot more poverty in Verrasian-ruled islands. 

YEAH I THINK ABOUT STUFF ALOT. I'd like to post more about this stuff, since I never really have before...


  1. Ça fait un bout que je n'avait pas "checker out" ton blogue, super beau - tes illustrations on toujours beaucoup d'énergie et d'émotions... BTW - Elves can't grow beards, but half-elves can - if they want to :)

  2. hahaha merci :) oh, hahaha, thanks for the clarification! actually j'ai pris ca d'un random dialogue entre 2 characters dans Dragon Age 2 que je trouvais drole (all the good blog names were taken!).