Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I barely had time to draw at all in the past week! College is holding my life hostage, I've been spending all my evenings there working my butt off but I still feel like I'm behind. And ontop of dance classes and work, I've been at home to eat meals/sleep and that's about it.

Anatomy studies are all I've got this week. Pretty boring, but I've really been trying to work on my realism skills as of late, since I need to start building up a portfolio. (My plans currently are to apply for VanArts' game art&design class for September 2013... moving out there all alone scares the crap out of me but I really want to do it!!)

I can't go to life drawing anymore because of dance, but last week's rehearsal was cancelled, so I got to go. :) I missed most of the warm-up poses here because I was late (finishing work at 3 to be somewhere else at 3 is quite the challenge) , plus the session didn't go so great, meh.

I read up about what not to include in a portfolio for the program I want, and one of those things was fanart. Which kind of conflicts with my plans for actually selling prints at Animaritime this time, but oh well. I might do with what I have anyway, even if it won't include as much fanart as I would hope. Besides, I am sooooooo doing stickers again-- and I'm going to start making them right after Christmas, seriously, NOT LAST MINUTE THIS TIME  >:(

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