Friday, February 24, 2012

Life drawing this week (last week's was cancelled), I felt like it went really well for me (despite a few mishaps with the model), especially compared to last time I went where I felt like I just forgot how to draw or something ahaha ;_;

1 minute I believe

5s and 10s

Wish I could have finished this! Oh welllll

20 minutes - he moved a lot during this pose, the angle was very different at the end @w@

20 minutes - the color scheme on this reminds me of Rainbow Dash so bad

Another study, photo reference used of course! I'm trying to squeeze more of these in my schedule, not really aiming for perfect rendering just trying to get shapes and lighting down path. I think I will thoroughly study the crap out of everything this summer when I have more free time, though!

Finally HERE'S ME AS A PONY, I would be called Dreamtime and my cutie mark is a wacky clock over a moon because I'm so busy and I love sleep. And I would be a pegasus pony because of totally valid reasons not because I just like wings or anything. 

... and then I wonder why I'm still single


  1. Jan Jan... tes nus sont incroyables. The digital one just leaves me breathless. It is absolutely GORGEOUS. I so love the lighting.
    And for the record, being single is a good thing. You wouldn't have time for a man anyway ;-) Oh, and i LOVE you as a pony!! xoxo

  2. Merci! :) I'd like to work on it a bit more eventually when I have the time (portfolio material! :P )

    You're absolutely right, hahahaha it's not really on my list of priorities at the moment anyhow. :)