Monday, June 27, 2011

As promised, to kick things off, here's a sketch dump!

I started going to life drawing sessions at the local art store-- totally awesome! They give these sessions once a week, every Tuesday, and even though I end up being scheduled to work on most Tuesday nights, I've managed to go two weeks in a row this month. P: So, here's a bit of what I managed to do:

(page orientation is for losers e_e )

Here are a few more anatomy studies, although these were ref'd from the Internet!

Some more sketches, mostly of OCs, but also random doodles

And finally some dome digital stuff! I went through this really lazy phase, where I didn't want to start anything big and all I wanted to do was paint faces. I am so lame lololol

Color experimentation: tried out a different method, grayscaled all the shadows first then added the colors after on overlay. Weeeeeeird, but definitely interesting, and I may try it again sometime!

I loved DA:Origins, so when DA2 came out I got all excited, but I reaaallly didn't have time for video games (college > life), so I waited until summer break started, two weeks ago, to go out and buy it. Figured it would keep my busy for at least a month. I finished it in 5 days. EMPTY VOID INSIDE. ;_;
... but yes Fenris was one of my favorite characters (I romanced him on my male mage Hawke 8D ), and I am working on another bigger painting of him right now. 

Emo OCs are emo idk


... and that's all! Currently trying to shit out fanart and ref sheets of my characters, because Animaritime is in 4 daaaaaaaaaaays

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