Monday, June 27, 2011

New blog!

Heyyyyy, here's my latest attempt at keeping a blog updated! So I guess I'll introduce myself a little, even though my profile does pretty much the same thing.

I'm from and live in the Canadian province of New-Brunswick (yay for woods and woods and more woods). Most of my work is digital, and I have a weird realism-but-not-really hybrid of a style (I gave up trying to describe it a while ago). I'm currently a student in graphic design (one year down, one to go!), but once I graduate I would like to go into game design and 3D animation.

Apart from that, I'm just your average weirdo that likes your average geeky things, but I also have hobbies like dance and competing in crews.

Yeah.. that's pretty much it! Sketch dump coming right up. :D

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