Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally recovered from the weekend, mannnn sleep feels good. I've been tackling the commissions I didn't have time to do this weekend before I start anything else, because I've already been paid... though I'm starting to get a little worried, because I can't seem to contact two of my commissioners... :/ One commissioned me a fully rendered painting (which I actually started yesterday), but hasn't replied to the email I sent a few days ago, so I'm starting to wonder if he gave me the right one/I read it wrong. D8 Maybe I'm just being paranoid... but I really don't want people to think I'm scamming them! Next year I'm definitely handing out business cards with my contact info, juuust in case. I'm such a noob at taking commissions *fail*

The other person I can't seem to contact commissioned me a traditional sketch of Princess Zelda... I finished it during the weekend, but it was never picked up! If that's you/you know the girl who commissioned it, please let me know! I sent her an email too, but no reply either. :C

Anywho... here are the results of Tuesday's life drawing session! I think it went quite well!

Some 10 and 30 second poses here

More quick sketches, a bit more time!

And finally, I think this one was an hour? They also added a spotlight, which I think was waaaay better. (even though it was like a billion degrees inside the room by the end of the session)

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