Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home from Animaritime 2011, oh mannnnn what a weekend! I am dead tired, but somehow even though I spent the entire weekend drawing... I still feel like drawing. @w@; A good thing since I have a few digital commissions to finish still, and I really feel like working on my OCs and storyline-related stuff.

But yes! Went super well, wtf my 90 stickers all sold?? I was expecting maybe 20 or so to sell, but WOW. SO DOING IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR. ... AND NOT TWO DAYS BEFORE.
Also did super well with commissions, aahhhh it was great. :)

I'm a little glad it's over (sleeeeep forever), but I always get that lonely empty feeling whenever it ends... everyone is so nice and awesome! And it always sucks to go back to real life after you've had such a good time.

...I don't really have art to post, but here are the stickers I was selling:

...yes Pokemon because everyone loves Pokemon. :D

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