Saturday, July 16, 2011

Original character time! Because I've had the biggest urge to draw and work on them lately, actually ever since summer vacation started... I just kept putting it off, but now that it's (pretty much) out of my system I can focus on other things. @w@

Sadly enough that storyline is my oldest, but it's pretty much a big world just sitting there... which is why I'm not sure why I'm still calling it a "story"line. I've changed it so many times, I think I just gave up trying to think of a solid, not-terrible plot at some point XD But I'm okay with that! This is just for fun afterall, though I would like to take another stab at structuring some kind of story eventually.

Also pretty pumped to finally go see Harry Potter (after having my newsfeed on Facebook spammed about it), getting my tickets tonight for a late showing tomorrow night. I have to get through a day at work first though, ahsgsdgdh. D:

Here's Asena! The colored sketch was done during the con, an attempt at having at least one good ref, before I got swamped with commissions... I'm really bad at inking (I'd probably be better if I ever practiced though), so I usually chicken out on coloring sketches, but I've been experimenting a lot more with colored pencils.

Kyte and Ve'yan! ... yup. Kyte does not liek being manhandled. ( public anyway)

Here's Kyte again, with his (and Asena's-- they're siblings C: ) mother. Being an oppressive, conservative mother with far too many expectations of her children, she favored him because he was always better at everything than Asena. And so he in turn is pretty much a mama's boy. I've been working on those two and their family a lot~

Nev, because I don't draw her enough. Planning to paint her soon!

Asena and Kyte as kids. Here, they'd probably be 8 and 4 years old, respectively.

You think you know your companion well. Then he whips out another language. Also, crazy native on the right? Meet Isis, a new one I've been working on! (though technically she existed before, I just pretty much brought her back from the realm of nonexistance)

o hai dere 

And finally, speedpainted Asena. :) 

Nooooow time to get my butt to the trinity area for HP tickets and dinner lololol


  1. Gaaaah seeing these characters makes me so nostalgic! I so want to "RP" or whatever the hell you'd call what we always did before, it was so fun! We should start something up on tegaki agaaaaain maaaan and get Gaby and force Neo c:

    Also totally loving Asena's design! ART TRADE?????

  2. Definitelyyyyy C: YES ART TRADE YES.