Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here's my new ID on deviantart! I always make a new one around my birthday, kind of a way to document how I change from year to year. P:

yeah.. this is what I was wearing yesterday! What a day it was too, man I really don't like funerals. But on the plus side, I finally picked up a new book series to read! C:

I haven't had time to paint much this week, but I'm gonna have more time off soon, so I shall redeem myself. Also, wow, we can't seem to have decent summer days lately... it's been nice and sunny all day, and now that I'm finally off work, it looks like the apocalypse is about to hit. D8


  1. Daaaww super cute ID! And yeah those clouds formt he other day were damn intense, ones second its super nice and sunny then BAM giant black clouds dat gunna eat ur soul.

  2. Aw, you look so cute in your id! :D
    Can't wait to see more stuff from you!
    (btw, it's xlenn)