Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Did a lot of sketching over the weekend~ And I'm going to hope that my Internet doesn't go out while I am in the process of posting this, we're getting yet another rain-thunder-lightning show this evening.

First, some quick anatomies:

Then, I did the "Annoying poses" meme, which has been in my list of memes to do for a long time now and can be found here. I was too lazy to stick it in the template. :) And also felt like doing it with different OCs, instead of sticking to one. I AM SUCH A REBEL.

"Crawling on the ground searching for something" and "Explaining that something was very large".

"Flexing their muscles", "Yelling to someone far away" (which was supposed to be a bust, but, I felt like a full-body was in order) and "Impatiently waiting on someone".
And finally, "Reaching up high for something" and "Lifting something much too heavy". 

Sudden urge to use color pencils. 

... And here's Ve'yan again, well, a quick painting of his head anyway. Yes he does have an extraordinarily long nose. P: He's also now officially my only character with bodily markings! Oh how times have changed. But seriously, they're there for a reason and it makes sense, I promise.

My Animaritime commissions are officially now all taken care of-- the Link was claimed, the Zelda was claimed, and all the others were mailed as of today! Yay. :D

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