Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally updating, after a few days of procrastination.  Days in which I finished reading Game of Thrones, started watching the HBO series, started the second book, got some more sunburns, watched old Disney movies, went to some dance workshops that were amazing but now I am in so much pain, and etc. I think my time was well-spent. ;)

Here are the only two sketches that came out decently during this week's life drawing, bleeeeh. But yay for weird angles!

 I've been working on my storyline a looooooot, and naming things... Nev's 11 siblings now all each have a name. 8D I... had way too much fun naming them all, seriously.

... and up there is one of her brothers, who is going to have somewhat of an important role. I totally blame is outfit on the fact that I was watching Hunchback of Notre-Dame as I was coming up with his character. C8<

First we have an old character of mine brought back to life, all shiny new with a new personality and everything. And then the result of me sketching while watching Game of Thrones, have a half-assed Daenerys. 8D

Some digital stuff~

I started reproducing a picture I took on my 30-hour long busride to Florida last year, but I never really got around to finishing it. ... I think this was in New York city? A part of it, anyway. XD

And a dam, because it came out of my head today. I like painting rocks. Trying out some new brushes/settings!


  1. Nice figure drawings Jan, glad you put them up!
    Also really like the two paintings; you always choose really good colors and values, I'm jelly *_*

  2. thanks! this week's session was just meh, I like some of my 10 second ones better than the ones with longer time, actually. xD don't be jelly, overlay/levels/curves do a lot of the work hahaha

  3. I agree with Gab about the figure drawings! Hmm and I'm super curious as to who the character that was brought back to life is, DID I KNOW ABOUT HIM BEFORE?? And cute sketch of Daenerys, she is such a mary sue but her chapters are always pretty interesting anyways!

    And nice backgrounds, I pretty much gave up on those lololool

  4. Yeeeeees you do, his name used to be Loki. 8D Now it's Zeltor! and he has testosterone now apparently... though he's still an absolute idiot. Yeah, she is pretty sue, but I like her anyway, her chapters are some of my favorites!

    Thanks C; I've grown to like them actually!