Sunday, August 28, 2011

I've been a little busy lately, haven't had much time to draw. I'm trying to make the best of my last two weeks of vacation, so I've been going to the beach/doing outdoorsy things whenever I have time off. ... but today is hurricane Irene day! We're not getting it too bad so far, usually by the time hurricanes hit the maritimes they're pretty weakened, but I really hope our power doesn't go out... because that would suck. )8 Though I'm almost grateful for the rainy day, because I finally got the chance to thoroughly clean my room... yeah the place was ridiculously messy.

More linearting/inking practice! I really want to improve on that, so my traditional coloring doesn't look like an 8-year old did it. :'D New character concept, she's some sort of royal advisor type character so far.

Random sketch with weird proportions! I had some kind of alternating design idea going on there. Once again total comfort zone material.

Also a new character, well, she existed before but I brought her back to life (... I do that a lot as you may have noticed). Same role (or almost) but new design, new personality, new background etc.  I think I'm going to paint this very soon... so this is kind of a WIP, basically I just picked her colors. 

I have a bunch of painting ideas floating around right now @w@

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