Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So... I pretty much spent all of today drawing. :) Life drawing tonight went awesomely, I bought a new sketchbook since I was starting to run low in my other one. Only drawback is that it's much bigger, so scanning is harder since my scanner is tiny. But the bigger size is awesome too, I can fit so much more on a page.

Anywho... here's what I got! (ugly shadows and missing heads/extremities are due to the aforementioned scanner issues! it would probably work better if I ripped the pages out, but then I'm left with a bunch of loose pages that are just going to end up all crumpled up in a corner somewhere)

I also did a quick still-life this afternoon on Photoshop:

It's a note! And a usb stick! ... I need to do way more of these. 

( I'm in super improvement mode these days, I feel like drawing everything I usually hate drawing.... weird foreshortening poses and boring still lifes here I come! Also, more detailed paintings with more than one person holy cow I'm gonna do ittttt )


  1. Maaaan I so want to start going to life drawing again!! But I'm almost always working on tuesdays :c I SHALL BE APPLYING TO HOME HARDWARE VERY SOON. Great looking anatomy sketches though, the shading is really looking awesome! And haha, I started a still life of my DS mooonths ago! Man I need to try a new one!

    Anyways I miss chilling with you man! I want to chill and draw togetheeerr just like the old days!

  2. It's funnnnn! I look forward to chilling with the regulars and models there every week, it's almost sad.

    Thaaaanks man, still lifes are lame but they are so useful! But at least electronic devices are more exciting to draw than bowls and fruits. XD