Saturday, September 17, 2011

I've been thinking on trying to update at least once a week... saturdays sound pretty good!

Mostly original characters heeeere, new and old. Need to draw more dudes. )8 I had major scanner issues today... mr. canon hates me I swearrrr (I installed the software in english this time, not in spanish like it I accidentally did on my PC, so senor canon is now mr. canon)

Life drawing last week was weird, I realized 20 mins before the class began that all my drawing stuff was at college, so I drove like a maniac, sprinted to class to get it, then drove to the art store, only to get there and the model was 45 mins late. This is the only sketch that came out decently pretty much... and that's my tablet wire making a guest appearance in the lower left corner. 

Some traditional fanart for practice! Isabela from Dragon Age 2. >:)


  1. I think I'm going to try to update weekly as well! Although I think if I try setting a specific day I'm going to feel the pressure and lose inspiration or some dumb shit like that. Meh.

    But anyways, its bugging me that I cant name all those characters in the first sketch page! We gotta get together and talk about that shit maaann!! Just like the old days!

  2. I'm not really setting a day officially, more like trying to update at least once per week... saturdays are just convenient, ahaha it's the only day of the week I likely always have time off at some point. XD

    Hahaha, well other than Max and Azure they're relatively new! There's Isis is in the bottom left (she's the one I'm painting right now, that I was working on at your place)... and other than that, the one at the upper right doesn't have a name yet and the one in the middle up top isn't an oc, just a random sketch (to pass time at life drawing before the model got there).

  3. Good idea to post weekly, that way people can get into the groove of checking up on your stuff! It kind of becomes something to look forward too! Keep it up Jan : )