Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mandatory college update! Well I started last week, and already I've had little time off, pheeeeew. My dad finally moved the ol' PC downstairs last weekend: the thing has been collecting dust in my room ever since I got my Mac, the only thing I've been using it for was to scan things (since it was already all set up). But today I finally hauled the scanner upstairs and installed everything on my laptop, yay! Too bad I forgot my sketchbook at college. ... not that I had much anyway! But I get to go to life drawing today, and I'm super grateful, I need something to take my mind off the dance auditions I've got later. @w@; 

So, yeah! To compensate for the lack of new art, here are some of the projects I've done in college last year.

This was for Typography II class - Environment pamphlet. 

For Design I class - start off with a realistic image and work your way to a symbol. All were drawn/re-traced in Illustrator by me. Super tedious and long project, but very worth it, it was one of my favorite projects! C:

Design III - Recyclable bag. Fun times with paper folding and rubber glue.

... and a sewing machine for the strap. But, really fun project nonetheless.

Design II - Map of how you travel to college every morning. I'll spare you the TL;DR, but basically I am still half-asleep when I go to college, and I have too much imagination. XD

Color Theory class - mosaic. Very time-consuming, and glue stuck in my nails foreeeever, but I was really satisfied at the end. 

And finally, probably my favorite project of the year! Design III - create a board game (team project). The theme was 'secret agents'. I was in charge of designing the board! Spent a lot of time on it... I started to see things like chicken fingers and screaming faces in the shape of the continents after a while. 8)

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