Saturday, October 15, 2011

Another super busy week done! I've been feeling sick a lot though, first I missed my family's Thanksgiving dinner because of some weird headache/nausea attack, and then over the last two days I've been having some weird indigestion/stomach flu type thing... egggggh. And still not much time to draw, but I'm going to try and draw something everyday! Even if it's super quick and small, I'mma do itttt >:|

So, this week I started with quick 30 sec - 1 minute poses, and in pen, which is new for me... no erasing!

Also this week, my Jessica painting was rejected in a group on Deviantart that I always submit my paintings to and get accepted. I was suggested to submit it to the intermediate/novice category, which includes pictures drawn in MS Paint. I know I shouldn't let myself be bothered by this, but it is a bit of a reality check-- I need to work harder, and I will be doing more studies. :< I'm also hoping to make a sketchbook thread on soon, I was going to wait until next year when college would be out of the way, but the sooner I can get better crit on my work the better.

That said, here's WIP of a painting I started this week! No character in particular.


  1. Aww dude don't let that deviantart group thing let you down too much! Happened to me too, but its great that you're turning into something positive like motivation instead of getting depressed about it!
    And haha i recognize almost al the poses from pixelovely! Awesome site, so much bette than posemaniacs, I avoid that shit like the plague now! (its not bad for very quick gesture drawings though) And oooh painting! I'm trying to start painting more again, omg I've missed it sooo muuuch =w=

    AND YES JOIN ME ON CONCEPTART you wont get better crit anywhere else!

  2. I knowww, moping around about it won't change anything, but it is still quite the slap in the face. hahaha

    That site is aaaaaawesome, though some of the clothed models really throw me off... I wish they were at least wearing tight suits or something. XD

    I wishhhhh I had tiiiiime to paint, lolfml, next year I will seriously eat breathe and shit art. >8|

    I totally want to start posting on CA like, asap... I creeped your thread now I'm really pumped to make one!

  3. THUMBS UP pen studies, totally awesome bro. I wanna join you guys in your quest to become super awesome artists; I wanna make a CA thread tooo. Let's all get together and art jam sometime! You can do it!

    And yeah DA is no sucess gauge girl, don't worry about it.

  4. YAYAYA it was haaaard, I literally have a whole other page of retarded ones I didn't even bother to scan hahaha.

    Do itttttt, then we can all collectively bask in improvement and art. and stuff. :D and yessss, like I said sunday night guuuuuys everyone is freeee

    Yeah.. DA is for loooosers >:(

  5. jan, tes choses sont AWESOME!!! I so see you doing this for a living (illustrating, creating characters, painting, etc.) Don't let the DA thing get you down. Get yourself back up on the horse, baby, cause it's where you belong. You have a very RARE talent. Keep pushing yourself.

  6. Aww you just made my day! :) I would LOVE to do this for a living, it's a long road ahead but having goals is what keeps you going!

    ( ps: viens nous visiter en quelque temps!! <3 )