Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ok it's official - 24 hours is not enough hours in one day! I feel like I'm going nowhere with everything lately, starting a billion things but not finishing anything.

I didn't have time to update last week, so here's the stuff that's piled up!

Hands and feet, because they are the bane of my artistic existence.

More studies! I'm going to be doing a lot more of these. Also started sketching in colored pencils, it makes everything look prettier/stops me from erasing and spending hours on everything :U

Some more people... on the right, portrait practice with Arya and Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones!

OCs hurrrr nothing special, haven't been drawing them much lately!

The only digital thing I've been able to draw (and finish) this entire month, gonna start doing more of these speedpaints I think! P:

On another note, I'm still totally being owned by college. But I'm now SUPER excited for Nightwish's new album, which is coming out to North America in January (I wish it was closer to the European release or I could order it without a million bucks in shipping/international fees ;___; ). I wasn't completely sold on it before, but the teaser for the first single totally got me into it!

(mannnnnnn I feel like I'm 14 again being all giddy for Dark Passion Play)


  1. J'adore tes sketchs Janelle... i love how you push yourself with color, shape, context... ce n'est pas facile de sortir de notre zone de confort, mais je vois que tu ose. Love it. Keep it up, girlie girl.

  2. Aww thanks you're too sweet!! Oui tu l'as dit, c'est definitely pas facile de sortir de notre zone de confort! Mais c'est comme ca qu'on apprend :)