Thursday, November 17, 2011

I actually cannot believe we're already halfway through November! The freakishly warm weather isn't helping, but hey no complaints.

Sooooo still not much from me, I am very blah in the non-college-related art department these days, I've caught my first cold of the season (which is odd because usually I get them in September, without fail), and it's hit me hard! I had a fever for the first time in years, was literally unable to speak for a day, I still sound like a 12-year old boy going through puberty, and I am sooooo run down. Whenever I have free time I just want to spend it sitting around aimlessly and not do anything with my life. Or sleep. ;w; Beautiful, beautiful sleep.

I did push myself to do some (very very) quick sketches. That's pretty much all I have the energy and time to do these days...

blablabla naked people

Max looking at a sword(?), Kyte and Ve'yan being cold because I was cold, two mystery chicks. I don't really know where I'm going with my style anymore, it's like half of me draws realism then the other is like anime? cartoons? ok, but somehow I just don't really care anymore. :|

This is actually a remake of an old sketch I used to really like, from a few years ago. Still experimenting with the colors, but I think I might paint this soon! Also, digital linearting: you are not nearly as terrible as I remembered. 

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