Monday, November 7, 2011

Just a speedpaint I did a few days ago. (without a reference picture! which I almost always need when doing these! level upppp)

I'm going through a bit of a stressful time... hoping I can make it until Christmas, then I may need to drop a few things before it hacks away at my health too much. :s I've never had stress-related problems to this extent before, and for the first time in my life, drawing isn't making me feel better.

... on the plus side, I finally got to download Storytime by Nightwish, and I think I've listened to it over 50 times today. I don't want to spoil the rest of the album before I buy my copy, but January is so far away!!


  1. "JUST" a speedpaint, she says... holy crap Janjan, it's GREAT!! And all without a reference pic. i have no clue how you do this.

    i can kinda see the gloomy stress lurking in the painting. But i also see light, so don't fret about coming apart at the seams. You're stronger than you think. And if drawing doesn't make you feel better, that's ok - maybe something else will. When i'm nearing the bottom of the pit, a peanut buster parfait usually does the trick ;-) Hang in there girl... you're on your way, even if sometimes it feels like you're stuck in the mud.

  2. I'm glad you feel the mood of it! I honestly wasn't really thinking of anything in particular, other than experimenting with textured brushes.

    Your comments always make me smile!! :) I just have a lot on my plate right now, more than I've ever had, and I'm really not used to it... you make me feel like I can pull through, though! (a peanut buster parfait also sounds absolutely marvelous)