Monday, December 12, 2011

So much to do! I seriously forgot what it's like to be able to relax and not feel guilty for not doing anything productive. Lately I've been having a nasty habit of waking up at 4:30 am in a sudden worry that I was late in handing in everything...

Pretty eventful week! The biggest highlight has to be my x-acto knife accident of Thursday...

... which I decided to take 5 minutes and illustrate, because well, it wasn't funny at all at the time but now it's pretty hilarious. Yes, folks, I actually chopped a piece of my finger off. It's healing pretty good so far I think! I didn't go to the hospital or anything (probably should have), but I've been disinfecting and changing the band-aids regularly (obsessively). It's funny because I never once cut myself in first year, but this is my second slice in a month... stress does bad things to you! :C

Again, very few sketches, but! I can probably go to life drawing again tomorrow, for like the first time since college started! yahooo

Something new I tried: offering quick sketch portraits on Facebook to the first few people who liked my status. I made sure to set a limit so I wasn't stuck with a billion people to draw, and by using colored pencils I stopped myself from spending a hundred years on each. These took about 10-15 mins. each, and were great practice! Will re-do again in the future. :)

Some little character sketches..

WINTER BREAK COME TO ME ALREADY siiiigh back to projects


  1. ok, first of all, i hope your finger is ok & that you're at least able to keep drawing!! X-acto accidents are never fun (but almost inevitable for designers!) :-)
    secondly, your sketches - FANTASTIC!!! i love that you did portraits - faces only. And the colors are fabulous. Great job Jan... you have incredible talent. i can't wait to see where it's gonna take you. :-)

  2. Yes, it's doing way better! And luckily it happened on my left hand-- not my drawing hand :) (though I just realized that I illustrated it like it was my right... oops details details)

    Thanks! I wanted to do something I could do quick, and what better place to find photos of peoples' faces than on FACEbook? :P hahaha

    Your comments always make my day!! <3