Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So this is my last day at college for 2011! I came early to finish up everything and prepare for my *last* presentation this afternoon, but now I'm left with two hours to kill (can't remember the last time that's happened to me). I've been seeing everyone do this everywhere on DA and Tumblr, and I did it last year, so here's my art summary for the year. :)

January - March: This has probably been the worst art period of the year. I was in a relationship at the time, so between that and college and work and dance I literally drew maybe once a week? And forget painting (I painted nothing during February, the only thing I'd been working on was a comic thing, which I totally gave up on anyway). When I look back on it, I'm not sure how I managed to forget about everything I like doing for that long!

April - June: Things definitely got better, though I was still very busy! I pushed myself to paint different things during this period.

July - September: Probably my most productive time of the year-- summer is awesome for that. C: After Animaritime I was super motivated (funny that a whole weekend spent drawing only made me want to draw more), and it stayed that way for most of the season.

October - December: I've definitely slowed down because of college, but I've also been a little art-blocked. However I've been getting through that by doing more studies, which was totally worth it, and now I am feeling very inspired. :)

So, overall, it's been a pretty good year! I think the improvement is more obvious in the second half, when I really kicked things into gear and pushed myself to paint things I didn't normally paint (like actual backgrounds trololol), and experimented with techniques and settings.

2012 will be about studies, studies and more studies, since I need to have a portfolio by the end of summer! And prepping for the con begins like NOW so I am not stuck doing everything 3 days before again. ahhhhhhhh

... in other news I am so close to freedom I can almost taste it and tomorrow I am going to sleep all day oh my gooooood @w@

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  1. great stuff Jan... j'aimes beaucoup Oct, Nov, Dec. :-)
    Enjoy tes cadeaux pi tes dodos durant les fĂȘtes.
    Merry Christmas girl. xoxo