Sunday, January 15, 2012

Survived my first week back to my insane schedule! Also new this year: going for allergy shots once a week to finally get rid of those crazy hay fever symptoms I get every summer. I'm afraid of needles (though not as much as before), so hopefully this'll cure me in more ways than one. :)

Went to life drawing this week, I missed it soooo much.

Quick poses

I'm seriously going to commit myself to go every week I'm not working, I really need it!

A speedpaint to try out a new blending technique. When used in moderation, the smudge tool does wonders! I really like how this turned out, going to practice it some more because blending is always something I've had trouble with!

Off to work I gooooo~


  1. hey girl!! i'm finally catching up on blogs.... i missed your artwork. :-)
    GREAT stuff here, as usual. Your life drawing sketches - what medium? i really love how you handle the shadows. Absolutely yummy.
    Keep trusting your gut.

  2. Thanks :) The medium I used for life drawing was just regular prismacolor coloring pencils, I like the effect it gives AND it doesn't smudge. :)