Saturday, January 21, 2012

A painting I started over break and finished today. Comfort-zone material, but I experimented with a light-source I'm not used to, at least! The character is an original character or mine, Azure Caelum, who's been around since pretty much forever. I'm not really aiming to go anywhere with these characters, they just give me something to draw and work on. :)

(this painting wasn't intended as a remake, but I also painted her in September of 2010! It was fun to compare anyway)

I'm being pretty active with this blog as of late, hopefully I'll be keeping it that way for a while! gotta keep drawing~


  1. Good job Jan! There are still some issues with the anatomy and balance, but the lighting is definitely a lot more interesting than the old one! Some shadows under her feet would have been a nice effect just to ground her a bit more too.

    Anyways keep it up giiirl! STUDIES STUDIES STUDIES STUDIES

  2. Thanks! I think shadows under her feet would have helped the balance too, I totally thought of adding them but for some reason I didn't. xD