Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter break finally comes to an end for me, but did I ever enjoy it. I spent a big portion of it sitting on my butt playing Skyrim/reading/watching movies, which is awesome, but I also began working on my cosplay for Animaritime 2012 -  Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon! Getting a headstart this year, so I don't stress out last minute like I did last year. :P

here's a progress shot of her shoulder-armor:

I still need to give them another coat of paint, do some refining, and add the little round spikes. And figure out how the heck I'm going to fasten them to the shirt. Make first, think later <--- story of my life.
(I used this armor-making tutorial! perfect for anyone who is absolutely incompetent at making anything--like me-- and doesn't want to buy expensive materials off the internet. I bought all of the stuff at Michaels, save for the cloth which I got at HomeHardware.)

Time for some art!

Quick figures... itching for some new material!

Attempt at more realistic faces without reference ughhhuuh

Nev in Skyrim nordic inspired clothing. 

Because I watched 40 episodes of Inuyasha this week and it was amazing JUST SAYIN'. Working on two paintings right now, one of which is an environment WITH A CHARACTER kinda omggg, I kinda wanted to post a WIP but I feel like I curse myself because I almost never finish stuff when I post a WIP of it. hurdur 

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