Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter is finally here! We had our first big snowstorm since winter started (and in Atlantic Canada that means since Halloween basically), and it finally looks like the snow's sticking around for good. I love sunny bright winter days where everything is so shiny and white it blinds you, with a nice fluffy snow falling down so it's not too cold. ... But everything else about winter? no thanks. :|

I just yesterday discovered that there's an option to specifically reply to comments... has it been there since forever and I'm just totally blind? Probably. ... but yay anyway!

Life drawing this week was... interesting. I tried drawing vertically, like with an easel, and discovered that it is sooooo not for me. I have a lot more trouble with proportions, and drawing is just plain painful after a while. So I dropped that idea halfway through. P:

The model was also different, and really lacked experience in modeling since it was one of his first times. The first half of the session consisted of very similar poses, but he seemed to get the hang of it by the end! And even posed with his bicycle, which was very interesting.

The first set of poses after I changed drawing positions (aka first ones to make sense)! We didn't do quick 10-30 seconds gestures or anything this time.

 bicycle anatomy wat?

Also studied some hands this week!

And finally fun sketch tiiiiime yay! color mess or what lolol

Going to Fredericton tomorrow, first dance competition of the year yaaaaay :)


  1. Good luck on your dance competition my dear, you'll do awesome I know it! :)

    And lolwut to the bicycle life drawing. I've only been to life drawing a few times but I've seen people bring wooden sticks and stuff haha!
    I really admire your skills, can I borrow them since mine are currently rotting away?

    1. Thanks! Our group did super well! :)

      I know right, that was my reaction too hahahaha. I've seen a model pose with a wooden stick or fancy drapery but a bicycle sure was a nice twist I guess? XD
      Aww, practice makes perfect! Though going to session every week is starting to be hard on my wallet...