Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stuff's been piling up, tiiiime to update!

My exciting news of the week: on Monday, my mom and I went home for lunch and found our basement almost completely flooded! Turns out a pipe from our hot water tank busted in the morning. :( All of the flooring, which my dad had just recently finished installing, was ruined. Our insurance is covering most of it though, and they hired a company to come and replace it for us, which is great. And thankfully we caught it early on, the water hadn't gotten to the corner with all the electronics yet, although there was some humidity. Could have been a lot worse, but it's still totally a buzzkill. :C

Onto more positive things! Went to life drawing this week--

30 seconds

5 minutes I think!

10 minutes? I thought switching color scheme for each set would make me remember the time more... I guess not hahaha

A few face studies

Some original stuff! I'm really into nordic/wilder designs lately, not sure why, probably all the Skyrim/A Song of Ice and Fire (reading book 3, totally amazing, ah ma gawd).

For a weekly art challenge on Tumblr: create a character of an ethnic group you're not used to drawing. So, I chose a native american! Decided to draw him in a modern setting, with some traditional elements incorporated. Very fun challenge, might render this some more eventually. C:

Working on a larger scale painting right now, gonna try to stick to it for once! also I am sooooo tired blah


  1. Your life drawing poses are really nice, they've got a good sense of movement, especially the short ones! I'd try to really capture that in your regular pieces.

  2. Jan, your life drawings are WONDERFUL. (yes, i screamed that!)
    i especially love the faces, and the lovely lines in those orange & red sketches. And of course, your original stuff is always fantastic too! (i don't know who teaches you your drawing class, but i hope they're impressed as much as i am.) xoxo

    1. Ahhhh thank you! Life drawing isn't really a class, it's more of a session with a nude model and you make of it what you want/socialize with other artists! Every tuesday night at Art Shack. :)

  3. Your life drawing is awesome! I've done life drawing quite a bit and mine usually looks like total shit! hahaha xxx

    1. Thanks! It takes a lot of practice! (like anything else xD)
      I wish I could go more often, because drawing real people in real life is soooooo different from pictures on the internet!