Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's March Break for me, yaaaay! Though it hasn't really felt that way at all... for one, I've been going to college anyway to work on my things so I don't fall behind, and life-wise things haven't exactly been going well! My mom got a cyst in her ankle removed a few weeks ago, and though there were no problems during the operation, her recovery has just been for the worst. Turns out her foot is super infected and she's been in and out of the hospital all week/hooked on a portable IV at home. :( Not exactly the best winter we've ever had, with her shoulder injury before Christmas (today was the 5th time I've had to drive her to the emergency room since fall) and our whole basement flood ordeal. BUT at least the weather hasn't been so bad?

On a lighter note, I officially have a spot at Animaritime 2012's Artist Alley again! C: The tables were all filled up in the span of a day, which is like, insane. TIME TO GET CRACKIN'

Life drawing this week went okay for me, not my best but not my worst either. We didn't do a lot of short poses, and the ones I do have didn't turn out that great. SO here's the longer stuff:

10 minutes - super classy pose!

10 minutes

20 minutes - creative pose ;)

Here's something I painted on a complete I'm-tired-of-working-on-my-resume whim earlier this week, but I'm really fond of it for some reason. Funny how that works...

Approx. 3 hours

Finally, I contacted VanArts today to find out when I could start applying for the Sept. 2013 session, since I'm planning to take care of that this summer. Apparently I can apply anytime and they've already accepted some people? ...I'm worried. 8| 


  1. Beautiful work Jan... as usual. i LOVE the composition in this digital woman painting thingie... love the colors. Especially the turquoise earrings and the hint of shadowed turquoise on the bottom right. You're a genius. :-) Let me know how the VanArts thing works out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. xoxo
    (ps: you and Gab looked GREAT!!)

  2. Glad you like it! I love mixing hot and cold colors :P
    I'm planning on applying early this summer! I'll keep you updated for sure.

    You looked great, too! :) You have some really nice things in the gallery, I really like how all the pieces are so varied!