Monday, March 19, 2012

No art right now, just an update on life:

This morning my 101 year old grandfather passed away. We found out he was not doing so good yesterday, and then already this morning it was over. As much as we've been expecting it for a while it still comes as a shock, and no matter how much I told myself it wasn't going to be a big deal when it happened, it still really hit me. Even if we were never overly close, he has always been there. It's just a really weird feeling. 

January 21st 1911 - March 19th 2012 -- May you rest in peace (you sure earned it!)

... In other news, I am still super busy with college (not really a good time for me to attend funerals buuuuut life is life). I also haven't been able to go to life drawing, or have been at home much... hopefully I'll catch up on my drawing soon!


  1. awwww... Jan - so sorry for your loss. Yup. Death can be weird. But your grandad lived to 101! Wow. Amazing. He looks like a happy little firecracker in this photo. I'm guessing he felt the love. xoxo

  2. hey Jan Jan... writing this on Sunday.
    I tagged you on a post today. Visit my blog for details but NO PRESSURE! Play (or don't play), i'm ok with either.
    Take care girlie girl.

    1. I saw and commented ;) i'll probably have something to update with in the next few days!