Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stuff from last night's life drawing:

(adventures with charcoal pt. II)

Short poses: 30 seconds - 2 minutes

 15 minutes
15 minutes

Kind of an off session for me, but meh. 

Here's a Jon Snow WIP again, updated after I got some very useful crit and suggestions from! Gonna start doing this more often on WIPs, I think. Now all of the initial rendering and planning is done, this will probably be the last progress shot I take until it's finished. Time to polish and detail away!

Still working away on stickers for the con on the side, I've got all of the Avengers sketched! ;) Next week I will tackle painting them and working on my cosplay (that I've neglected for like two months oops). But first, going to Québec for the weekend~

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  1. Your life drawings look so good! :O
    And I love the painting WIP of Jon Snow!