Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last day of my internship was yesterday - I'm off for a week now, which I will mostly spend going to appointments of like everything and finishing up college, but also con stuff, because there's officially less than two weeks left EEEeeek. Hopefully I'll get to relax at least a little bit, and next weekend is graduation! So excited to see everyone again <3

Here's some stuff from this week's life drawing, ALSO adventures with conte because I somehow misplaced my little bag of charcoal right before the session. ;_;

Anyway... yeah. I think I'll be going back to charcoal very soon...

Gestures - size went down considerably when I realized I only had about 3 pages left on my sketchpad hahahaha 8D

20 minutes

20 minutes

And finally, got time to work on my Avengers this week! Here's Ironman!

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