Monday, March 18, 2013

Not quite art...

... But I would just like to announce that I am officially going to be in the Artist Alley for both Animaritime and Hal-con 2013!

So, after I'm done with current commissions and side-projects, I'M DRAWING NOTHING BUT CON STUFF. I'm going to revive this blog I swear!! If not with studies, with the billion pieces of fanart that I have planned.

Currently, I am working on a series of art-nouveau inspired Game of Thrones characters (working on Jon Snow at the moment! Side note: I can barely contain my excitement towards season 3 omg it's going to be so great), but I would like to expand to more fandoms soon and also re-work some of the material that has sold well in the past.

As usual, I will also be taking commissions at the cons: sketches to be completed during the weekend, or  more long-term work such as fully rendered paintings or graphic work.

In other news, my bodysuit has officially come in for my Asuka cosplay! Here's a quick moodboard I did a few weeks ago to try and figure out how I'm going about this:

(I still can't believe I'm actually going to try and make this happen aahahaha)

With that said, I'm very much looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people again this year! C: Bring it ooooon con season 2013!

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