Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nothing much this week! I've been pretty lazy in my time off. Finally finished my second Dragon Age 2 playthrough and I now totally want to play the DLC Legacy, but college is so soon, hnnnnnnnnng. D: I'd start a 3rd playthrough, but I finished pretty much all the quests available (other than two of them that were glitched), so there's not much point other than to romance the rest of the characters/try the warrior class.

Random sketches:

So I totally re-watched episodes of Card Captor Sakura in french to relive my childhood this week. It is ridiculously hard to find the episodes, but I found an amazing french site that streamed them all... too bad after ep20 the links are broken. ;_; I might re-read the manga, but it's not quite the same...

Life drawing has been moved to sunday afternoons, which means I may not be able to go to it anymore, I am saaaaaaaaaaad. It's all going to depend on what my schedule is going to be like! I've been trying to do more studies at home instead of always relying on going to the sessions. So have a Rihanna.

Finally, another reason I've been sketching less, is because I've been working on this! Basically what I posted in my last update, but actually painted. I'm unsure about her anatomy though... still a lot of tweaking left to do. 

College starts wednesday, heeeeere we go again...  but I'm actually starting to look forward to it now. C:


  1. Dragon age 2 looks fucking awesome, I'll have to play it eventually but i want to beat the first one first! xD And good luck with college duuuuude! I cant wait till i start college myself, although that's only in another year OTL

  2. It's amaaaazin, people bitch about it but honestly I enjoyed it more than the first one. The storyline isn't as good but pretty much everything else is better. xD Thanks mannnn, well it's a year of mental preparation and at least you have an awesome job now? C: