Sunday, April 29, 2012

New project: actually LEARNING how to draw stuff! I am studying the crap out of both Hamm and Bridgman because they have very contrasting styles, and are also the only (good) drawing books I own at the moment. Hoping to add some new ones soon when I am not paying for 2447646 other things!

So, basically, I take a week on each section, and here's some of what I've done! 
Week 1: Building the figure + balance + masses 

Focusing on balance + other stuff just for the hell of it

Trying new figure-building methods

 Trying to apply what I read >:|

Hopefully I can keep this up throughout the summer - I really need it ahahahaaaaa

In other news, I survived my first week of internship and am loving it so far! I have a feeling the next two months are going to just fly by. Also, to explain my lack of life over the last week, the annual Eastern Canadian Dance Championships were yesterday:

The Chaos winning streak continues! ;) 

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