Monday, May 7, 2012

Head studies! Still sticking to my "let's learn how to actually draw" regime. I thought scheduling myself (one subject per week) would push me to get more stuff done but it's been stressing me out more than anything, so I've decided I'm just going to go at my own pace. Much better. :)

Yaaay for figuring out how stuff works! Most were done with ref, though some weren't and actually make sense, yaaaay level up!

Went to life drawing last week - First time with charcoals ahsgfhsdg, actually not as bad as I thought it would be, really want to improve though!

First finished painting in a while. Been working on this on the side for about a month, sort of got fed up at the end ahaha. 8D Wanted to paint something strange, so, have some jellyfish. Which I don't even like. 


  1. JAN JAN!!! i'm finally catching up on a few neglected blogs... :-)
    holy crap... you have SUCH talent, girl. i just saw your last few posts and my oh my...what a treat. I so understand your point about going at your own pace. I know it goes against the grain of what everyone is preaching these days, but i don't do goals. Never have. i basically just draw (or paint) whenever i feel like it. Which usually means most of the time. But if i happen NOT to feel like it, then i don't and that's ok too. Which doesn't mean i accomplish less than someone with goals. So it's all good girl. Your work is fabulous, so obviously, you're doing something right.
    I missed your exhibit at the college... i was so disappointed. Don't even remember what the hell came up that night, but something did. i hope it went well. i was certainly thinking of ALL of you.
    Keep posting Jan... i'll be back sooner next time. xoxo

  2. Aw no worries! :) Yeah I thought I would get more done thinking "oh I HAVE to draw tonight or I won't finish by the end of the week" but all it's done is stress me out more! (no surprise). And don't worry about our opening night, things happen! It went very well though, and you have another two months to check it out anywho. ;)