Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still alive, but barely! I've come down with a monster cold/laryngitis type thing that has basically kept me in bed and unable to speak since yesterday afternoon. It's 8pm and I am finally able to get out of bed without dizzy spells-- yay for progress!

Good news: I got accepted to do my internship at Gogii games!! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY I wish I had the energy (or voice) to celebrate but keyboard smashing and smiling like an idiot will have to do for now: zhjagfjsdhgkjdfzhgfkADgdahfgzridhlf'l;l;kj!!

...So, before attacking the massive mountain of work I need to get done (gotta love finals!), I thought I would update with the very little sketches I have accumulated in the last week:

Some handssss

Some headsssss

Sketch for a painting I want to start soon.Will involve jellyfishes and pretty colors. I really need to re-unite with my tablet and painting, I'm missing it so much! :c

Finally here's something I painted for a huge "self-promotion" project about a month ago. I went with a knight theme as a general idea for all my promotional tools, because well I'm just geeky like that and it makes me happy. 8D I also made an online portfolio through DeviantArt! (Not a fan of how little freedom there is with the template, but very nice looking and super simple to make nevertheless.)

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