Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back from the dead! Well, kinda. Animaritime this year was great! Sales and commissions were a success, my costume pulled through (despite totally failing on the first day and having to fix a bunch of things on the morning of the second day), and most of all I met very awesome and inspirational people. Even though I paid a lot more attention to professionalism and organization this time, next year I want to really step up my game. A little less convenient because I'll have to travel to attend, but I'd like to have even more things to sell and a way nicer setup!

All in all, amazing weekend! <3

((This is probably one of my favorite shots! ))

SO YEAH ART TIEMS. Life Drawing tonight for the first time in a little bit, went pretty well! 

(what a full house also-- I'm not sure we've ever been so many at a session)

30 seconds

5 minutes

20 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes - why hello there foreshortening. Also feet, what are those and how do I draw them?? :|
Various sketches and commissions from Animaritime:

Two parts of an advanced digital sketch commission: Envy and Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist! Drawing these guys sure brought me back. 

Traditional sketch commissions taken and finished at the con (wish I would've taken a picture of all of them! it's so easy to forgeeeet) :

(the perspective caused by the angle of the camera is really weird in this one...)

And finally, sketch of Daenerys JUST BECAUSE. 

(on another note, yesterday I finally finished the long transitional brick that is A Feast for Crows. Only took me like half a year... hahahaha)

Long entry is long - I hope to get some drawing in a lot more often now! Also, experimentation here I coooome

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