Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working on convention things has pretty much been my outside-of-work life for the last month or so. Hurray! (who needs social activities anyway)

Finished a couple of prints:

3rd installment of the Game of Nouveau prints. Arya, the one who just ends up going by a million names.

And a Spirited Away print! One of my personal favorites. c: 

I also started some Skyward Sword fanart, going to paint this soon:

I'm only a few temples into the game, and honestly not a huge fan of it overall, but I do love the character designs a lot!

I'm officially going to be re-making my Eeeveelution stickers as KEYCHAINS! This is completely new for me, but I've really been wanting to add some variety to the things I'll be selling. I have no idea if it'll even be worth the money and effort I'm going to put into producing them, but oh well - hoping for the best!

On the side, I have also been working on my Asuka cosplay... very slowly but surely. :D

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  1. ok, i had some catching up to do here...
    your artwork just amazes me. Honestly.
    So happy to see you're doing well, and still making art.
    love your stuff. You have quite a future ahead, young lady... xox