Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's been a little while!

In short, the last two months have been crazy Animaritime-busy, and now it's finally over! The con was this weekend and I had a blast. I was really satisfied with the new venue, it was much bigger (even felt a little too big, which means plenty of growing room for the convention) and the vendors/artist alley room was really nicely set up. I met lots of super fun people and bought everything! My only complaint has to be that the A/C was jacked up the whole weekend. And the weather kinda sucked, but that doesn't really matter anyway.

It was my first time driving to (and in) Fredericton, I feel like I've gained a million driving exp points ahahaaaauuugh bridges and one-ways and death-intersections

My tablemate and I behind our fancy colorful table~
I'm actually super happy with how our setup looked, and glad we actually took the initiative to actually HAVE a setup this year (as opposed to everything plain and flat on the table).

Once again I failed to take pictures of most of the commissions and on-a-whim sketches I did over the weekend, because I'm a butthead, but here are a few:

I decided on selling some  sketches a few days before the con, so here's Asuka and Sailor V!

A commission I did of someone's original character. Actually super pleased with it, she was very interesting to draw! 

I got a few digital commissions this year that I'm super excited to get started on, one of which is Presea from Tales of Symphonia! (omg I'm so stoked someone is paying me to draw a character from one of my favorite games ever you guys have no idea) 
I decided to get a headstart on the sketch when I had free time on Sunday. (and also sketched Colette, which will probably become a print for Hal-con because I really like how she came out - I've been having so much fun drawing in this more cartoony style!)

Anyway, YEAH, good weekend. :) But also really glad I get to relax a little bit now and enjoy summer! 

Happy (belated) Canada day! 

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