Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New layout!

Finally got around to give this place a facelift. I've had the same layout for at least 2 years!

The last few weeks have mostly been about enjoying summer and taking some time to relax, but I've been busy nonetheless. My real vacation is starting in a few days, I don't really have any big plans apart from getting some little annoying things done (such as all that fun yearly car stuff), and I'd like to go to the beach and to my family's cottage, but mostly I'm just excited at the prospect of sleeping in and doing nothing.

One pretty exciting news, though, is that we finally decided to adopt a cat! I've been wanting this for months. Here's Sansa, the super vocal tiny cat we adopted from the SPCA last weekend:

Another notable thing I did in the last little while was to finally start going to a gym. I've been going almost every day after work for a week now. Yay fitness! :D

And now for some arts!

I finally got some drawing done on actual paper for the first time in forever. Some random quick studies!

Life drawing with Sansa. Drawing a live cat is really, really frustrating.

So, I got around to watching Madoka Magica a little while ago.
I enjoyed it very much... and I'm still a little obsessed, hahahaa

A really dumb little thing about how I like to sit around at the kitchen table. My posture is pretty awful and ridiculous sometimes.

And finally, some digital commissions from Animaritime. :) Sorry for the watermark, but yeah, commissioned work and all. 

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