Sunday, September 22, 2013

I've done that thing again where I just slip off the face of the earth (internet) for like two months oops~

I am not emotionally ready for the cold weather. The only thing that makes the end of summer okay is the fact that fall is awesome and also pumpkin spice everything.

I've been hard at work on a big piece, and mostly only concentrating on that. But with Hal-con around the corner I've been trying to dish out some extra fanart as well! While my stock will mostly consist of leftover Animaritime stuff, I still want to have at least a little bit of new content.
The residents of my Animal Crossing town of Cookies. Cookians?

Sooooo I've sort of spent a lot of time playing Animal Crossing since it came out in June. I started this a while back and have been working on it on and off for the last month. From left to right: Anchovy, Wendy, Bluebear, Julian, Gruff, Drift, Mitzi and Ankha. I also currently have Rocket and Static in my town buuuuut I am a very picky mayor and I'm trying to get them to move out. 8)

Started another painting that I will more than likely never finish~ This is also another side piece that I poke at occasionally. Random outfit design + existing original character of mine.

Another reason I've been less active is that my boyfriend and I are hard at work on our costumes for Hal-con! I decided to drop Asuka for the time being so I can be the Merrill to my boyfriend's Hawke.

Sansa has been particularly fond of sitting on my work. When she's not pawing at my thread or knocking things over, of course.

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