Monday, November 11, 2013

And it's done!

Back from Hal-con, it was great! :)

I sold a ton of stuff (I even sold out of a lot of things I didn't think would do well), took a lot of commissions, met some awesome new people (and caught up with old friends) and got lots of positive feedback on my cosplay!

It's unfortunate that things got a bit out of control on Saturday, but I think the volunteers did a wonderful job at handling the issue as best they could. The convention can only improve from this point! :)

I'm also super glad everything worked out in terms of travel and lodging - I drove us to and in Halifax without any casualties! SUCCESS.

Here are some of the commissions and original pieces I sold over the weekend:

I experimented a lot with Prismacolor markers, something I'm not really used to drawing with! 

Finally, our Hawke and Merrill cosplays were a success! :') Here we are being big derps.

I'm a bit sad that con season is over, but at the same time extremely glad to finally have time to draw my own stuff again! I've been focusing on cosplay for what feels like forever, so it'll be real nice to be able to switch gears again. First, taking a little time off to relax, and then it's super art time!

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